Our vision is to educate and empower pet parents about dog training and behaviour. We want you to better understand and care for your dogs mental and physical wellbeing.

Sophie is the Founder of So Help Me Dog which started in October 2015. She has always had a passion to work with animals and when she was little wanted to become a vet. Working at the Melbourne customs breeding facility reignited her study again when she made the big move to Sydney in 2013. She then completed Cert III in dog training and behaviour in 2014 and started So Help Me Dog in 2015.

Dogs wellbeing and health is the number one importance when it comes to working with dogs for Sophie. She strives to educate the public on how to raise a healthy and well balanced dog by understanding dog communication, dog psychology and body language. She is also passionate about helping dogs going through difficulties such as generalised anxiety, puppy development and reactivity issues. With her knowledge and expertise she has helped 1000s of dogs and pet parents better understand and learn how to manage behavioral and training issues.

  Let's work together  

As your dog trainer our top priorities are to teach you:

Acceptance: Help you learn how to accept your dog's current behaviours and the current situation you are in.

Educatation: Offer guidance and education about the up to date information on dog training and behavioiur

Formulate: Create a detailed, goal-oriented plan tailored to you and your dog to reach your goals

Assistance: Coach and help guide you along your journey & experience of understanding your dog better

A few fun facts about Sophie

  • She has appeared on TV a few times including sunrise with Sam Mac 4 times, Bondi vet coast to coast & Sunday night takeaway
  • Did you know she is also a DJ. I Occasionally appearing at the Bondi Bolwing Club, 18th, 21sts, 30ths, Formals & Afters
  • An active member of ADPT
  • Certified, qualified and Australian credited trainer. She studied NDTF cert III in dog behaviour and training
  • She also is really into doing photoshoots for companies, being an extra and modeling
  • Guilty pleasures are BBQ shapes & popcorn