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What to do with your dog on Christmas

Christmas is close and the Christmas rush has started. Going shopping for presents, organising what we are wearing, thinking about what food we will, putting up decorations, but what about our dog?

What will they be doing on Christmas day?

Here are some ways we can help them feel less stressed...

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Is my dog stubborn?

Is a question I get asked regularly and my answer is always the same. Nope! Not at all! I know some people will find this hard to believe but “stubborn” is a human trait and a label that we use to describe our dogs...

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The new puppy checklist

If you have a new puppy arriving then this is the checklist for you. Everything you need to help you through the tough puppy stages...

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What is a fear period?

Fear periods are specific periods of a dog's life when they are more susceptible to fear and anxiety. During these periods, dogs may become more sensitive to certain stimuli, and may develop phobias or anxieties that persist throughout their lives

Why is puppy school so important?

As a puppy trainer, the most common questions regarding puppy school I get asked is: “Why do I need to take my dog to puppy school?” and “Am I wasting my time and money?”

Dominance theory has been debunked

The word dominance has been overused in the dog training world. It keeps appearing and people keep using it to cover up underlying behavioural issues...

5 things you need before you own a dog

Whenever anyone asks me what type of dog they should. I always respond with before you think about the breed you need to have these 5 things...

What actually is engagement?

You have probably seen the word engagement being used a lot lately when it comes to dog training. Engagement is so important...

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