At So Help Me Dog we have alot of experiance with behavioural problems and training issues. We will help get you through  

- Barking - Separation issues - Anxiety - Toilet training - Digging - Jumping up - Pulling on the leash - Mouthing/Biting - Recall - Stealing food

An inital consultation runs for 1.5 - 2 hours. This is where we will go through the completed questionnaire to find out the cause and the root of your dogs behavioural problems or training issues. Its best if the whole family is present so we can all be on the same page with the training. 

After each session, a plan is put in place and a written report is sent out with the goals you would like to achieve. A combination of management and training will be necessary, We stay in contact with our clients and are always there for support along the way. As and when a follow up session is appropriate, one can be arranged.  

Total Investment - $220


A Follow up session is only completed after an initial consultation or a puppy school session. This is where will be follow up on your goals and how you are travelling with the dogs behavioural problems or training issues. After each follow up session, I will then provide a write up training plan and goals to go forward.  

Total investment - $140  


Do you live too far away for a consultaton, or not in Sydney at all? 

Do not worry as now I offer Skype and Facetime sessions. These sessions will be run the same as an inital consultation, between 1 - 1.5 hours.

(Some sessions are not suited for skype or facetime and may need the assistance of a trainer)

Total Investment - $120