Founder / Head Trainer

Sophie is the Founder of So Help Me Dog which started in October 2015. She has always had a passion to work with animals especially dogs ever since she was little wanting to be a vet. Working at the customs breeding facility in reignited her study again when moving to Sydney in 2013.

Dogs wellbeing and health is the number one importance when it comes to working with dogs for Sophie. She strives to educate the public on how to raise a healthy and well balanced dog by understanding dog communication and body language. She is also passionate about helping dogs going through difficulties such as anxiety and reactivity issues. Sophie is qualified in dog behaviour and training.


Junior Trainer & Walker

Anaïs has been a dog lover since a young age, and has decided to follow her dream by dedicating her time to them. She joined So Help Me Dog in 2019 and is qualified in dog behaviour and training.

Anaïs has worked with a variety of breeds, all ages and sizes. She has a wide range of experience working with puppies, puppy development and reactive dogs

Anaïs aims to always set the dogs up to win by putting them in situations of success. She also strives to help owners understand the importance of building a relationship with their dogs and being able to communicate and understand each other.